This video starts with David O'Dwyer showing Dylan the picture of Thomas the Tank Engine. Dylan blocks David's phone. Then Jonathan messes up Zach's life. Jonathan chases Dylan and says "Welcome to the Dylan Show". Dylan declines what Jonathan said and changes the name to "The Jonathan Show". Justin Ore is seen on camera and David states that he escaped from Saharat, because he's annoying and insane. Zach and Scott keep repeating "Do it or I'll take your keys" to get Dylan to post his current video on YouTube. Zach shows Dylan the "Sonic the Hedgehog" coloring book. Then Dylan throws the book across campus. David helps Zach get his book, but instead, Scott grabs the book from David and helps Zach. The "YouTube or keys" annoyance resumes. David says "I'll take your keys with a shiz." Dylan zooms the camera in Zach's face and says "Shut UP!" Scott and Zach kept saying "Do it or I'll take your keys". Dylan told them to shut the hell up. The annoyance resumes and Dylan states "I don't have any keys, so shut up." David says "Do it or I'll take your freakin' sh**." Dylan says to hi to Russell and Russell waves poorly. Dylan asks Jonathan to help him out with Scott and Zach, but Jonathan blocks the camera and ignores Dylan. Dylan told David to make the shut up. Dylan points at Scott and David tells him to shut up or he'll pick his nose, and Scott tells him to not pick his nose, or he'll take his keys. David chases Scott, tries to grab his lunch box. David told Jonathan to stop Scott. Dylan says "Go David", David promises he won't do anything stupid to him. David grabs Scott's lunch box and Scott yells "That's MINE!!!" David said "That was freakin' loud, Scott." Scott hits David with his lunch box, David punches Scott, and Zach, Scott, and David repeatedly said "Do it or I'll take your keys". On camera, we have Jonathan and Hayden. Scott said "I'll take your keys, so you better post it on YouTube". Dylan said "Okay, I will"